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Water Safety Tips

water safety tips

Water Safety Tips Swimming & many other water related sports are a great way to have fun & also beat the summer heat! But it is important to make water safety a priority to protect our children and many others when participating in and around the water activities.  According to the Center for disease Control and Prevention, drowning is a ...

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Facts, Tips, and Solutions to Avoid Children Drowning

Pool Safety Infographic

  Facts, Tips, and Solutions to Avoid Children Drowning   Source: Pool Fence  

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The fear of water, a formidable foe!!

by Jeff Krieger A person’s fear of water can not only impact one’s self esteem, confidence, problem solving skills and willingness to face and overcome other fears in their life, it can also affect relationships, careers and one’s physical health. The fear of water, which may or may not be the result of an actual traumatic aquatic experience or a ...

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