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Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips Infographic

backyard swimming pool facts and safety tips

Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips Infographic Source: State Farm

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Water Safety Tips

water safety tips

Water Safety Tips Swimming & many other water related sports are a great way to have fun & also beat the summer heat! But it is important to make water safety a priority to protect our children and many others when participating in and around the water activities.  According to the Center for disease Control and Prevention, drowning is a ...

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Swimming From A Young Age: 6 Safety Tips

Swimming From A Young Age: 6 Safety Tips by Nick Hurst No matter how well your child is performing in the pool, implementing and remembering these water safety tips is the best way to ensure that your child has an enjoyable, yet safe, swimming experience.  As a guardian it is imperative that you have the skills to recognize and tackle ...

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4 Elements of a Safe Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day Safety

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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Safety Tips by Rachaelle Lynn Online Marketing Manager for Backyard swimming pools provide hours of fun for owners and their family and friends. They can also be used for parties or beautifully decorated for entertaining. But while enjoying your swimming pool, it’s important to put safety first, for children and adults (as you read this article, keep ...

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Summer Water Safety Tips

Summer Water Safety Tips At work, I welcome the busier days with heavier workloads which keep my mind occupied.  Otherwise, I would sit and worry about my girls and all the issues, accidents, or difficulties they could be faced with in my absence.  Now that summer is here and most of their activities will take place outdoors, I worry even more ...

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