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Water Safety Magazine Writer Submission Guidelines

Water Safety Magazine Writer Submission Guidelines

Water Safety Magazine focuses on drowning prevention, and being safe in and around water.  It serves the worldwide community in general to cover information about water safety.  The mission is to educate, inform, have fun, and save lives,
by producing an unique, and high-quality magazine to further educate and create awareness for the general public to be involved in water safety practices in order to contribute to reduce drowning around the world and help save lives.

Water Safety Magazine is accepting articles from guest contributors.  We do encourage and prefer queries sent by e-mail or via our contact us page.  These should be sent to editorial(at)watersafetymagazine(dot)com.  Submissions should adhere preferably to standard AP Style at all possible and preferably should be sent in a Microsoft Word e-mail attachment.  Due to the large number of queries we are receiving; please realize it may take a few days or more to receive a reply to your query.  Make sure your contact information is up to date, accurate, with full name, title, company/organization (if any), and contact number clearly visible so that we can reach you by phone if necessary.

We are interested in providing fresh articles, and be original source.  But if you (the author) are interested in submitting an article previously printed/published on another online news, online blog, or online type magazine site, we can certainly consider it, and the words “Reprinted with Permission” will be added.

FEATURES: One of our goals is for the magazine to provide “featured articles” that are well written, well researched, citing resources, written in an intelligent and lively voice, and compelling language that avoids the traditional informal blog style or use of clichés and “fluff.”

There are several main topics or categories to place your article.  Here are some specific details about each section open to freelance writers and guest contributors:

Advocacy: Open to present stories, interviews, and bring to the spotlight inspiring moms, dads, or individuals who got involved with the water safety cause and showcasing their efforts in promoting water safety.  Further topics under Advocacy include Mom’s and Dad’s on a mission, Aspiring To Inspire, Health and Safety regulations, and Drowning Reports.

Parents And Kids: Open to present useful information and stories both for parents and kids providing general water health and safety tips for all aquatic environments and help create awareness; also provide information about fun water game activities for children.  In addition, provide useful tips and information about swimming pool care and maintenance.  Further topics under Parents And kids may include Fun & Games, Learn to Swim Programs, Product Reviews, Safety Tips, You & Your Pool.

Water Rescues: Open to present information, or stories to our readers to learn about water rescues methods, tips, including all aquatic environments; provide practical tips and advice for the general public; describe open water/beach lifeguard operations, methods, resources, use of equipment, etc; any other current rescue operations involving members of the aquatic community, law enforcement, and other public safety personnel.   Further topics under Water Rescues may include Lakes/Rivers/Ditches/Floodings, Open Water/Beaches, Ice Rescues, Ice Water Safety Tips

Recreational Water Activities: Open to present information, tips, or stories to our readers about all aquatic sports and/or many other water recreational activities as it relates to water safety in all aquatic environments.  Talk about safety tips or guides, proper use of equipment, latest technology and trends that contributes to improving safety.  In addition, include information or stories about other government, public safety agencies and departments such as the Military, Coast Guard, National Park Service, and many others, and learn about their water safety trainings, and/or their efforts to promote water safety throughout their own programs and campaigns in the community.   Further topics under Recreational Water Activities may include Kayaking/ Canoeing, Boating/Sailing, Windsurfing/Kitesurfing/Surfing, Scuba Diving and any other special interest topic.

Some articles may overlap with other categories from time to time, therefore, we will also include the article under more than one category if necessary and at our discretion.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further topic ideas you have in mind.

Items needed:

  • Your article story
  • Pictures for your article (original files)
  • A short bio of you, for your profile that will be created
  • Any additional pictures for your bio
  • Picture release form filled out

Submissions guidelines for website and/or print:

1. Should be sent preferably as a word document, via email or attached via our Facebook Fan Page private message inbox.

2. On-line word limit: Although there is no word limit for the length of on-line articles, we encourage authors to target around 3,000 words whenever possible. If you need more words, then feel free to elaborate more on your article as we understand every topic is different and may require longer content.

3. Print magazine word limit: We encourage authors to target around 800 words whenever possible for the print version as space is limited.

4. When submitting pictures please attach the files separately from your article. Pictures should be original files, high resolution 300dpi, accepted in JPEG, GIF, PNG, EPS, or PDF formats. Resolution will be adjusted accordingly for website display and for print.  A copy of a picture release form will be available both in our website and in the Facebook fan page. Please download a copy fill it out, and return to us.  You can just type the required information and then send back.  We will keep this form in our records and it is just to get your authorization for us to use your pictures with your article, and also as illustration, promotion, publicity, and on any other printed materials to promote Water Safety Magazine.

4. We encourage authors to exercise good grammar practices whenever possible.  We will assist you with editing the article prior to posting, but please do your best in preparing your article as it will save us time in order to prepare it for publication.  Please allow 4-6 weeks before we can have article ready, and exchange feedback with you.  Our goal is to feature several stories or articles each month so we will notify you for what cycle/month will be posted for either website or print.

If you are involved with being an instructor for your water activity or sport, or simply sharing your story, here are some questions you can find useful as a guideline to get started with your article:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
  • How did you got started with your aquatic activity/program? Tell us about your motivation, passion about it, what was unique or what experiences you had that prompted you to be involved with your aquatic activity or water safety.
  • Describe your accomplishments, some of the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them, what did you learned?
  • If you are (currently) or were (past) involved with a specific aquatic program/activity as a manager or instructor, tell us more about your program, it’s mission, what it is trying to accomplish, your view on the impact it’s having on its participants.  Tell us how you are making a difference and/or how is your program making a difference. 
  • Tell us what are your future goals and hope to accomplish.
  • What are the water safety tips as it relates to your own specific aquatic program/activity that you can share about being safe in the water? Why is it important to you and your participants.  Do you have any other general water safety tips you could share?


Remember to submit to editorial(at)watersafetymagazine(dot)com.

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